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Basscave – Dark Techno Mix “Odes from The Limbs _March 2014

1. Plastikman – Ask Yourself (Knobs Remix @burnstudios)
2. Spektre – Mind’s Eye (Drumcell & Audio Injection Remix)
3. Bodyscurb – The Pusher (Original Mix)
4. Bodyscurb – Impulse (Original Mix)
5. Dave The Drummer & Tony Montana – Speak And Spell (Warehouse Mix) [Hydraulix 43]
6. Lex Gorrie – My Gi Joe (Bodyscrub Remix)
7. Mark Reeve – Phobia (Original Mix)
8. Marco Bailey vs Filterheadz – Mansion(Original Mix)
9. Lowkey & Kardinal – Acid Slug (Original Mix)
10. Mikael Pfeiffer – What(Original Mix)[Phobiq]
11. Kardinal – Melancholia (Original Mix)
12. Sandro Escobar – Hangover (Original Mix)
13. Slam – Vespula (Original Mix)
14. Snello – Darkside (Tom Laws Remix)
15. Space Djz – Constant Radius (Bodyscrub Remix)
16. Spektre & Matt Cooper – The Chemist (Sasha Carassi Remix)
17. Taaaz – Calypso (Min&Mal Remix) [Handmade Music]
18. Taaaz – Contact (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
19. Tom Laws – Hyms For Limbs (Bodyscrub Remix)
20. Tosi – Mud (Andreas KrÄmer Remix)
21. Lowkey & Kardinal – Strokes [AFULAB]
22. DJ Danko – Roda (Peja Remix) [TK Records]
23. DJ Danko – Kida (Original Mix) [TK Records]
24. Matt Minimal – The Fatal Bass (Original Mix)
25. Matt Minimal – Injection (LowKey & Kardinal Dub Edit)
26. Urig & Dice – Eyes (Alen Milivojevic Remix)
27. Urig & Dice – Narcotic (Original Mix)

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Banging Techno sets 044 >> Gayle San // Björn Torwellen & Cortechs

PODCAST event>>
Banging Techno sets 044 >> Gayle San // Björn Torwellen & Cortechs


Gayle Sans career already began in the late 80s in her hometown Singapore. She started as a warmup DJ for Bands such as Kool and the Gang Earth Wind and Fire and the Commodores,in the Top ten club which was the club of that moment on that island. Leaving her native Singapore in 1988,to pursue her dj career in the UK, nobody expected such a massive success for Gayle in the music business. Gayle’s first steps into the London clubs were via DJing at record company parties, various one-off guest spots and fashion shows.

These slots soon led to Gayle being made resident at ‘Reach for the Sky’ at London’s Limelight club, where she played alongside global DJs which Gayle describes as “the steepest learning curve possible”. Having honed her DJing skills and broadened her understanding of music, Gayle began to experiment with the harder side of dance music, particularly the lesser known techno sounds coming into Britain from Europe and the US of that time. Her chance to pioneer this music in England came when Gayle became resident at Universe’s legendary Final Frontier club, at Club U.K. in south London, which then moved on to become Universe Voyager at their new club, the Complex in north London,and she was also resident at all the Tribal Gatherings Festivlas. Final frontier was widely regarded as one of the best club nights in the world, it was not long before Gayle had amassed a following of techno pilgrims who would make journeys from as far as Edinburgh to hear her play. Gayle’s reputation of her 3 decks mixing skills and dj sets spread like wildfire over the techno centres of Europe, most notably a residency once a month at the legendary Omen club in Frankfurt, the socalled ‘Mecca of techno’ that opened doors.

Other European and American dates have included some of the most underground clubs in the world,from playing at high profile parties for Prince,Chaka Khan and Kylie minogue to name a few, to playing clubs like Bionic in Detroit, Pure Pleasure parties in Chicago, Soma in Montreal, Twilo in New York, Zouk Club in Singapore, Florida 135 in Spain, Fuse Club in Belgium,M47 in Hungary and many more all over Europe, South America and the U.S.A. In 2000 she was voted number 6. of the most popular international DJs in Germany. Remaining in the top ten list has been a regularity ever since. In regards to the massive competition of the worlds DJs,and to be the only female dj in the top ten, it was an honour of her hard work in the last years. DJing has naturally led to various studio work and starting her own label Equator. Gayle has developed a sound that takes the intelligent beats of the underground, funky/hard/groove techno sound mixed with her very own style. Gayle loves producing on her own but also enjoys collaborations with other producers to absorb outside creativity. She has released on numerous labels throughout europe. Gayle has reduced her touring dates in the last 2 years,not surprising after travelling the world for 18 years to make more time for her production /collaboration works. Gayle never fails to rock the world..s dancefloor with her mixing skills and her choice of music. Gayle has already been called the best female techno legend and she is not ready to hang up her headphones just yet.

Soundcloud –
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Björn Torwellen
From the moment his spaceship crashed on our little planet, Björn Torwellen was excited as well as inspired by its musical variety and looked deeply into each genre to expand his musical talent. In his youth the then discovered his fascination for electronic dance music…. Which was called “Techno”, where he finally found his home. Getting more and more into it, he became a real “Techno-Punk” and started to spin records as well as first steps in producing own tracks. It became a passion. He lives Techno. His sound is dirty – His Techno is minimal.


Björn Torwellen – Squirting Endorphins EP – Crosstech Records
Björn Torwellen – Kalk Kapelle – Arcussinus002
Björn Torwellen – Blacknoise EP – DFR-X002
Björn Torwellen – Shapeshifter – Steil004

sonn EPs on Nachtstrom Schallplatten, BCR , iCntrl

Remixes on:

Peter Schmidt – Central Station EP – Steil002
Nils Mohn – Ballerina EP – Steil003
Deep Noiser – Mars – Groove Signal Records


Soundcloud –
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EMS – website –


Uncompromising. Dark. Atmospheric. Techno!

That`s the sound of Cortechs, Cologne. After a few releases on various Labels like “Sick Weird Rough”, “ReWashed”, “Speca Records” and others, Cortechs has finished the first album production “The End Justifies The Means”. This Album will be Released through his regular label “Machine Box” on 22. Nov. 2011.

Beside original productions Cortechs is often
asked to do remixes for other Artists like Mark Morris, A. Trebor, Niereich to name a few. Always in exchange with other musicians the collaboration with Niereich starts, results are released on “TK Records” and “ReWashed”. Further projects are scheduled.

For upcoming News, Events and Music follow these links.

Soundcloud –
Facebook –
Beatport –
Twitter –!/cortechs_techno
Mixcloud –

Booking agent

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Vinyl Oldschool Techno Set !

So war es mal , es war so gut ! kein sinnfreies tekk geballer ! es war einfach techno mit herz und mello . mal wild mal schwach mal houselastig mal freaky .. verrückt und doch klar ! .. ich spiel so nur noch für eine wirklich gute party war mein sound ! ich mag es ..nur nicht jeder versteht es ! ich habe mich weiterentwickelt und freu mich auf neue sachen ! Danke

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